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Spotty Pooper Scooper Durable Solid Wood Handle Metal Poop Tray

The Best Dog Pooper Scoopers (2020 Reviews)

We tested 20 top rated dog pooper scoopers and found that Scoop Dawg is the best one. It is portable, lightweight, has long handles for easy cleaning and has a non-stick surface.

RUFFWEAR - Approach Dog Pack

The Best Dog Backpacks (2020 Reviews)

Weighing over 24 pounds, Winston, a 100-pound Boxer mix, was my test dog. I also carried an almost 8-pound toddler to evaluate how comfortable the backpacks were across a range of weights.

Big Barker 7

The Best Dog Beds (2020 Reviews)

Get the best dog bed now! Yes, even your dog deserves the best dog beds of 2019. We also list the best pet stairs online, if you need to take your pup’s comfort a step further.