Rich Duda

Hi, I’m Rich! I started this blog to provide awesome content about dogs. It’s my goal to help you find the best dog products, tips, and advice to help you have a better relationship with your pet.

I’ve always had a passion for dogs. I’ve had three dogs in my life that I’ve grown up with. Each of them are special in their own way. My first dog, Buster, was a great dog. He was the sweetest dog I’ve ever met. He passed away when I was in high school and I was heartbroken.

I then got a dog named Sam. He was a huge pitbull/boxer mix. He was the most energetic dog alive. He got plenty of exercise, but he had a ton of energy. He passed away a few years ago.

I’m currently living with my third dog, a Bichon Frise named Ginger. She is a ball of energy and love. I’ve never met a dog that is so sweet and loving like her. I’ve been able to learn a lot from Ginger about training, feeding, and caring for a dog.

You might be wondering why I go into great detail about all three dogs and their personalities. Well, the reason is because I think it’s a wonderful testimony to the versatility of dogs and the myriad of ways that people can interact with and love their dogs.

They can be training partners, therapists, cuddle giver/receiver, and so much more.

I had three very different dogs and love to talk about dogs with other dog owners. That’s why I’ve seen a lot of dog products and decided to help people find the most helpful ones out there. Hope it helps! 🙂

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy,

Rich Duda